In the Middle

  • Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" turns 200!

About In the Middle – This is a program for kids in grade 6 and up that will be offered throughout the school year. Each month there will be themed programs of games, art, writing and creative projects. The creative projects range from cookie frosting to video making. Monthly themes include: superheroes, food, Frankenstein, and fandoms.

Facilitator – Annika Sundberg.

Times – 3:00 pm to 4::00 pm on the first Wednesday of the month. 3-4:30 pm for the rest of the Wednesdays.

Please register online for each session.

October’s theme is –Frankenstein

This month, Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein, turns 200 years old! 

Wednesday, October 3: Games. Play the card game Werewolves with your friends. Who is the werewolf? Find them before they eat all the other players.

Wednesday, October 10 : Art. This month is a monster of a month at the Hershey Library! Come and create your own Monsters in a variety of sizes shapes and colors. Check out our mini pumpkins from the pumpkin patch too. As usual, we will open the creative box and see what monstrous things you create.

Wednesday, October 17: Writing. How better to honor the 200th Anniversary of teen writer Mary Shelley’s famous novel than do some horror writing yourself? Learn a little about the history of the genre and write your own scary stories.

Wednesday, October 24: CreativityMake light-up patchwork dolls or monsters. Spoooooky! 

Week five, Wednesday, October 31: BONUS. Halloween ball – come dressed in your Halloween costume for snacks and drinks. Watch Nightmare before Christmas!