Bullying Prevention Resources


These websites will point you to people and organizations that can help.

  • DERRY TOWNSHIP SCHOOL DISTRICT – Olweus Bullying Pevention Program Overview.
  • YOUTH.GOV – links to bullying, information, strategies, tools, and resources for youth, families, schools and community organizations related to a variety of cross-cutting topics that affect youth.
  • STOP BULLYING.GOV  bullying prevention and response; youth topics, including electronic aggression. Information on intervention for parents, youth, schools, and educators. Research, spotlight articles, and references. Links to other websites, including US Education Secretary Highlights for Best Practices of Bullying Policies.
  • CONNECT SAFELY Safety tips and advice for parents and kids on safe internet and  cell phone use, how to stop bullying and cyberbullying and how to deal with fake profiles on social networks.
  • CYBERBULLYING RESEARCH CENTER  Resources for parents and teens.
  • EDUCATION LAW CENTER – legal information.
  • DAUPHIN COUNTY government services’ website– Human Services; addressing children and youth services including bullying prevention.
  • CENTER FOR SAFE SCHOOL – Bullying prevention.