From January 3 to March 31.  Please register online. This program is for teens ages 12-17. Read to earn badges and a raffle ticket to put in for one of three great prizes! On completion, you will also receive a mug. Read four books of certain types to earn a raffle ticket to guess who you think it was, where, and eating what. Read all eight book options in order to get an extra ticket. Click here to read more.


Wednesday, January 30 at 3:00 pm.  Adulting: Tea Party.  Attend a tea party. Please register online. Enjoy nibbles and learn to navigate social spaces with etiquette and aplomb. This program is for high school students. What is adulting and who is it for?  High school-aged teens are invited to register. Learn important information about how to get by in life. These courses are meant to allow teens to start adult life knowing as much as they can. It will be fun–we promise! If you have questions, please contact Annika Sundberg at or call (717) 533-6555.


This is a Wednesday afternoon program for kids in grade 6 and up that will be offered throughout the school year. Each month there will be themed programs of games, art, writing and creative projects.  Facilitator – Annika Sundberg. Times – 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm. (1st Wednesday of the month, ends at 4 pm.) Please register online for each session.

January’s theme is MUSIC & GLAM.

Week one. Wednesday, January 2 : Games – Play games at the library! Each month, we will explore a new theme with a theme-specific game, but we also have plenty of other board games to choose from.  Play MusicIQ to test your musical knowledge.

Week two. Wednesday, January 9: Art – Start the New Year off with a sparkle. This month’s activities include sparkle bugs and sparkle jars. As usual, we will open the creative box and see what makes you sparkle. 

Week three. Wednesday, January 16: Creativity – This month’s theme is music. Write song lyrics or poetry. Or, just write a story about what your life would be like if you were a famous musician.

Week four. Wednesday, January 23: Writing – This month’s theme is music. Make a music video. Can’t sing? Lip Sync. Glam yourself with some makeup and have fun! 

  • Write a song, lyrics or poetry.

Knowledge is the key to success and the library a gateway to knowledge